With reference to foreign experience, and the three major categories of events targeted at the first stage are: Major League Baseball, American NBA Professional Basketball, and European Football Games. The initial planning of six gameplay methods is waiting for the approval of the competent authority, including host, guest and, Handicap, size, correct scoring, difference in winning points, championship, the following are introduced in order.

Handicap Applicable Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football

Game features: According to the winning probability of the competing team, it is divided into “Favorite” and “Underdog”. The strong team will give the weak team a handicap of 0.5 or an integer multiple. After the handicap, the two teams have a closer chance of winning or losing, and the relative odds of the “strong team” will be higher than the odds of the no-hands game.

Applicable sports: baseball, basketball, football

Game features: According to the scoring and offensive and defensive abilities of the opposing team, predict that the total score of the two teams will be “large” or “small” than the preset total score. The default total score will be 0.5 or a multiple of an integer. When the outcome of certain games is difficult to judge, it provides players with another option to guess the score.

Fourth, the correct score applies to sports: football

Game features: predict the final score of a football match. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, and the odds of “correct odds” are much higher than other gameplays. It is suitable for players who like high odds and gain big by small.

Winning points difference Applicable sports: baseball, basketball

Game features: Predict the score difference between the home team or the away team in a game. The odds are higher than other gameplays, and it is suitable for players who like high odds and use small gains.

Similarly, the result of the match ends at the end of the statutory time. Different football, basketball and baseball scores, the home team and the away team are subject to the final score, so the final result includes the results of the overtime. The odds are set by the issuing institution, and the odds will change from time to time after the start of betting.

Sixth, the championship applicable sports: all kinds of sports games are applicable, especially the prediction of the championship team of professional football games, which has become the player’s biggest challenge.

Game features: predict the schedule of international events, championships, various cups, or the annual season or series of professional leagues, which team will eventually win the group championship or championship. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, suitable for the general public as an introductory game for participating in sports lottery betting.

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